Perfect Angle TV Experts Explained: How to set up a Soundbar?

Hooking up a soundbar with your home theater system or flat screen is practically nothing to do. The soundbar works similar to a home theater receiver can connect with multiple A/V components, and you can play music in several ways. No doubt, if you are performing soundbar setup for the first time, it takes a bit longer to configure, but it will be worth your every single minute.

In this post, we will explain to you all about how you can set up a soundbar with a TV screen in no time. So, without chewing long fats, let’s begin!

The simple way: devices connect to the flat screen

Have you connected your game console, cable box, or any other component to your LED TV? Then it’s easy to set up a soundbar system. The soundbar sounds better than your LED screen speakers.

Setup Guide for Optical Digital Cable

· Firstly, deactivate your TV’s speakers.

· From your TV audio menu, select “external speaker.”

· If your TV fails to send digital surround sound through the optical output, switch the TV’s digital audio output to PCM.

Setup Tips for HDMI Connections

If your TV and soundbar have an HDMI port, all you need is a single HDMI cable to connect both. If at the step you face any difficulty, feel free to ask us. We, Perfect Angle TV, deliver top-notch soundbar and outdoor TV setup service in Long Island.

We Are Not Done Yet

After connecting your soundbar with your flat screen, it’s time to complete the soundbar setup.

· Connect both LED and soundbar and power on both devices.

· Try to find the HDMI input on your LED screen and HDMI output on your soundbar.

· Plugin the HDMI cable into respective devices.

· Try to adjust the settings on your TV.

· Select the soundbar as an audio output.

That’s it! You are done here. Now, your device is ready to use. But, if still, you are facing some issue, then feel free to get in touch with us. We, Perfect Angle TV, are popular for our soundbar and TV installation services in Long Island.

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